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Extensibible Structure – Width Up to 17 m – Self Supporting

Industrial modular “SIDERSHED” have been designed with a dual purpose in mind: to combine ease of construction and versatility of use, at a very attractive price with respect to traditional brickworks. This system boasts a number of significant product developments which are rather unique: fully galvanised members, easy and fast track installation thanks to an assembly system that uses pairs of patented plates, incredibly tight shipping clearance. Highly versatile, our modular “SIDERSHED” are ideally suited for a wide array of applications: workshops, storage facilities, warehouses, tool sheds, garages, etc.


Basic structure length: 3,20 m (non-insulated) - 3,00 m (insulated)
Width: 8,80 - 13,80 - 17,00 m
Inside height: 4,80 m

Owing to its modular features, the structure can be either expanded or modified. Sheds can be linked lengthwise through bays to form larger complexes.

Framed Structure

The hot galvanised steel bearing structure consists of cold-drawn sections whose appropriate section has been assessed to accommodate size and live load requirements.


The covering framework consists of a ridge roof with a slope of about 10 degrees.
The main framework is made up of trusses, duly spaced from one another at equal distances to reproduce the basic structure. Trusses are built from cold-drawn C-channels and hat sections, coupled and framed both to one another and to the supporting studs by means of bolted plates.
The secondary framework is composed of C-channel purlins.
the roof is provided with wind braces secured by steel angles and fastened to the ridge purlins.
As dictated by circumstances, the roof cladding can be structured as follows:
-Self-supporting sandwich-type panels
-6/10 mm thick galvanised corrugated sheet.

External Walls

The vertical structural frame is made up of posts constructed from 20/10 mm thick cold-drawn, coupled hat sections.
Side panels are fastened to galvanised C-channel lintels secured to the wall studs.
As dictated by circumstances, the external wall cladding can be
structured as follows :
-Self-supporting sandwich type panels
-8/10 mm cold-drawn galvanised ribbed sheet panels.

Doors and Windows

External main doors are fully blind of the sliding type with galvanised steel frame and faces in panels identical to that of the walls.
External doors consist of silver anodised aluminium-based alloy profiles and face in “sandwich” type panel. Fittings available upon request include: anti-panic bars, upper/lower safety glass, door closer.
Windows consist of silver anodised aluminium-based alloy profiles, with hollow-core polycarbonate faces.
Dormer windows, either made from fibreglass or hollow-core polycarbonate, are set into the sloping side of the roof instead of roof panels.
A wide variety of additional door and window fittings may be provided upon request.

Electrical Installation

In accordance with currently enforceable IEC regulations.

The shed houses a main electric panel which accommodates differential switches.
Power transmission is ensured by prefabricated bus bars and flush-mounted, self-extinguishing PVC pipes, duly fastened by plastic clamps.
Multicore, fire arresting cables are used : provided with copper stranded conductors and covered in rubber sheathing.
Indoor lighting is achieved by means of glass fibre reinforced polyester ceiling fixtures and methacrylate diffusing screen


Basements are made up of reinforced concrete foundations; the customer is responsible for their construction that will be undertaken following our plans on which any information possibly needed to gather proper dimensions, according to both the soil upon which prefab buildings will be erected and the load to be transmitted, are reported.