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Up to 3-Storey – Comfort – Self-Supporting Steel Structure

The “SIDERMAJOR” insulated prefabricated modular buildings have been designed and tested by EDILSIDER over 50 years of experience around the world, from the hot climate of the Arab Emirates to the colder climate of Siberia, Iceland and North Kazakhstan. The “SIDERMAJOR” prefabricated buildings are definitely suitable for the construction of tourist resorts, construction camps (dining halls, dormitories, office space, services, clubs, hospitals, first-aid rooms, laundry rooms, schools, etc.) or versatile housing solutions 1/2/3-storey high. The “SIDERMAJOR” prefabricated buildings offer cost-effective alternatives, both in terms of purchase and assembly, to traditional construction methods, while providing all the comfort of brick homes.


Basic structure length: 3,00 m
Width: 4.02 – 5.02 – 6.02 – 7.02 – 8.02 – … m
Inside height: 2.70 – 3.00 m

Framed Structure

The bearing structure consists of cold-drawn sections and steel tubular cross-members whose appropriate section has been assessed to accommodate size and live load requirements.

ECO-Sustainable Materials

Use of recyclable and non-toxic materials. Water-based coatings are applied to the external walls.


The covering framework consists of a ridge roof. The bearing structure is made up of a main framework.
The secondary framework is composed of hot galvanised steel section purlins, shaped either like C-channels or hat sections, secured to the trusses by cleats.
The gutter is formed by a single hot galvanised steel section.
The roof cladding is constructed from thick galvanised corrugated sheets.


Exclusive feature of the ‘’SIDERMAJOR” prefabricated buildings; the process prevents the walls from getting too hot and allows moisture to evaporate, the atmosphere inside the building remains healthy and comfortable.

External Walls

The external wall’s structure comprises the following elements :
-Hot galvanised sheet-steel reinforced by ribs for greater stability and major resistance;
-50 mm thick air space between the cladding and the internal partition wall;
-Thermal insulation and soundproofing are achieved by a non-combustible resin-bonded mineral wool mattress;
-Inside panelling constructed chipboard panels with the inner face finished with a white PVC sheet.
Alternatively, inside panelling can be constructed from gypsum boards , secured to hot galvanised rolled steel section framework. The boards are spiked to the metal framework by drywall screws.

Internal Partition Walls

Internal partition walls are composed of two chipboard panels, balanced at the rear, where the outer face is lined with a white PVC sheet. The above panels are embedded into the runners, with no cuts or holes made in the structure for greater guidance of the piece that slides in the groove.

Suspended Ceiling

The suspended ceiling is composed of chipboard panels, balanced at the rear, where the outer ply is lined with a white PVC sheet. The panels are reclined against an flush-mounted metal framework; insulation is achieved by resin-bonded glass wool mattresses wrapped in polyethylene bags. Upon specific request, the suspended ceiling can be fitted in mineral fibre panels.

Basements and Floors

Basements are made up of reinforced concrete foundations.
The floor system can be executed by using any of the systems frequently associated with traditional buildings.
Two-storey buildings accommodate a pre-cast slab formed by a joist work of steel C-channels to which floor  made up of water repellent, chipboard panels, is riveted by screws. Other floor finishes are available upon request.


Only equipped in 2/3-storey prefabricated buildings, stairs, arranged outside or inside, comprise flights and steps/landings either made from grilled or anti-slip steel sheets or lined with rubber. Side protective devices of tubular sections and balustrades surmounted by a handrail are also provided.

Doors and Windows

External windows consist of silver anodised aluminium-based alloy profiles; alternatively, they can be pre-coated with a white (upon request). The above windows are fastened to a pre-coated steel frame. Several window types have been arranged to accommodate customer requirements
The following fittings may be provided upon request: PVC or aluminium outside shutters, aluminium bars, rolling or fixed fly screens, etc… Dimensions are variable.
External solid doors made from polystyrene insulation board, are equipped with 3 hinges, heavy-duty plastic handles and a lock. Fittings available upon request include: push bars, safety glass windows for upper and lower openings, pneumatically-driven device to automatically shut the doors. Internal doors are formed by a fir wood door frame, the inside is covered in polystyrene and both sides are coated with white lacquered medium density fibreboard; doors are fitted with 2 hinges, brass handles and a lock.
A wide variety of additional door and window fittings may be provided upon a specific request from a customer.

Electrical Installation

In accordance with currently enforceable IEC regulations.

Each prefabricated building is fitted with a main electric panel which accommodates master switches. The wiring system is laid above the suspended ceiling, all drop lines are embedded into air spaces situated between the cladding and the internal partition wall. According to its intended use, indoor lighting inside each building can be achieved either by means of glass fibre reinforced polyester ceiling fixtures and a methacrylate diffusing screen, or by means of ceiling fixtures made up of an aluminium housing and a tempered glass screen.

Sanitary Installation

The supply ducts are of butylenes complete with fittings and fixtures for hot and cold water. Maximum water supply pressure is 3 atm. External connection to the mains is provided by a threaded connection of appropriate diameter.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Several heating and air conditioning systems can be engineered to cope with a wide range of climate requirements and customer needs.
Air conditioning units come in cool-only versions or reversible heat pump configurations.