EDILSIDERA History of Innovations

Upon its foundation in 1963, it operated in  metal construction and civil infrastructure, emerging principally in the production of scaffolding, extendible beams and registered trademarks for innovative systems of welded formwork. During the business boom, it sensed the need for temporary accommodation of staff involved in important projects for the major Italian construction companies. For this purpose, the Group embarked upon an extensive research on the realization of prefabricated metal modular structures which offer more comfort than that offered by units already present on the market.    



On March 2017, EDILSIDER acquired the AMES PARK system patented.

In 2006 this modular system of metal parking has designed, developed and patented modular and called AMES PARK, capable of doubling the potential of existing areas used for parking.

AMES PARK consists of a structure composed of prefabricated elements, which can be assembled in number and arrangement varies depending on the type of surface you have, without the need for permanent foundations and / or fixed.



Compass House

To create this project we started from the concept of Modular Housing, broadening the field of study and research, creating a concept applicable both to temporary residence as well as social housing.
The different solutions studied differ between them by type, profile and characteristics, such as: flexibility, simplicity, adaptability and rapidity of assembly and disassembly.
Modular buildings are created with a metallic light structure built from a primary structure in HSN patented profiles. The secondary structure is built with C shape and tubular profiles. Such structures make it possible to create modular buildings consisting of  both single units as well as  housing complex.

The system is studied to allow insertion of pre-assembled assembly pieces into shipping containers, thus reducing construction times and minimising transport costs and therefore emission of CO2.


EXPO 2015

The EXPO logistics camp built by EDILSIDER in 2014 started to come alive and became 100% operation in view of the universal exhibition which tool place from  1 May to  31 October 2015.
The prefabricated structures were used by the operating and organisational SECTION OF EXPO 2015, a total surface area of 15,400 sqm.


EDILSIDER built a new camp for the railway in Genova. The agreement was signed with the company CO.CI.V, for supply of prefabricated modules 501 and 1001 for residential purposes. The camp consists of recreational rooms, offices, clinic and guardroom.

The surface area is approximately 24,181 sqm.



EDILSIDER entered the United Arab Emirates with an operating unit with the name EDILSIDER GENERAL TRADING LLC. It soon became operative in various fields:

-Communication. Participating at the ADIPEC fair in  Abu Dhabi from 10 to 13 November 2014.
This is a specialist fair which allowed EDILSIDER to become known on the Arab market.

-Large jobs EDILSIDER succeeded in signing an agreement for supply to a camp in Jazan for  SNAMPROGETTI. This was a turnkey camp with Siderhall buildings and 3001 for use as offices. The project extends over an area of over 11.000 sqm.


EDILSIDER acquired CORIMEC Italiana SpA

On December 2014, EDILSIDER acquired the CORIMEC Italiana SpA that operating since 1985 at an international level in the prefabricated business.
The joint strengths of the two Companies has generated a new win-win proposition for our Customers.



During this important year,  EDILSIDER has decided to produce a new product which has found a positive response even before being placed on the market:
"3001" has an attractive design, is easy to assemble, can be placed anywhere and is, in other words, the answer to all the market's exigencies.


EDILSIDER celebrates 50 years of innovative ideas

For EDILSIDER,  2013 marks an important landmark; 50 years of experience in the prefabricated  industry. Thanks to its continuous research in innovation, EDILSIDER has become the World Leader in the study, production and installation of turnkey accommodation camps in extreme weather and environment conditions.



EDILSIDER has chosen the Australian Country
to establish the first manufacturing plant outside Italy.


The EDILSIDER Group signed an agreement for building  accommodation in Australia in Arcadia Valley.

Camps for 900 people
Each temporary mobile camps includes all required personnel health and welfare arrangements, project offices, living accommodation, training rooms, construction and material storage facilities, vehicle and plant maintenance facilities.



IThe  Edilsider Group has worked relations with more than 65 countries in the whole world.


The EDILSIDER Group realized a vast residential area in Canada, for the purpose of oil extraction known as "Oilsands".

Camps for 1500 people
Turnkey Camp complete with dormitories, recreational facilities, kitchen and dining facility, gym.
All the buildings and facilities are connected by a modular arctic corridor.
The buildings are composed by EDILSIDER’s newly designed “SIDERMAJOR” prefab buildings.


Solar Panels

In line with its Eco-friendly philosophy, EDILSIDER built 4000 square metres of photovoltaic plant to service its main production premises, with a capacity of supplying 601,8 kWp to supplement the factory's electricity requirements.

"New Generation SIDERMAJOR"

After years of research and testing, the EDILSIDER Group put together the winning formula  “New Generation SIDERMAJOR”: the new construction principle is based on a single HSN (patented) profile can be adapted to offer a variety of solutions which can be easily assembled.



Within the Group's history this project marks an important turning point: EDILSIDER definitely established itself on the intercontinental market thanks to the creation of a residential camp, taking charge even of the civil works and the on-site infrastructure.
Camps for 4.600 people
Turnkey Camp complete with dormitories, washrooms, laundries, recreational facilities, Internet café, gym, stores. Made with “501” modules and “SIDERMAJOR” prefab buildings. Including design and construction of foundations, drinking water and sewage water networks, telecommunication network, fire detection and fire water networks.


The “GRAND DESERT” emerges as a development of the “2001” model

To meet the particular demand for robust and long lasting modules for oil camps the EDILSIDER Group started producing the “GRAND DESERT”. The concept was based on the "2011" model and including structural improvements: assembly-construction was totally renovated.

The unique features of this new model make it particularly appropriate to be used in geographical areas with extreme weather conditions.



Within the supply for the realization of the fourth highway lane, the building site of Trezzo was furnished with the “SIDERMAJOR”, “SIDERSHED” and ”501” prefabricated structures. The project includes a complete camp of dormitories for staff and workmen, a kitchen and canteen, offices and warehouses.


GEIE BOUYGUES OFFSHORE - ROD development Project

EDILSIDER designed a turnkey camp for SAIPEM in Algeria; they also handled the civil works: a project intended to accommodate circa 150 persons, the camp is complete with dormitories, lavatories, laundries, a kitchen, refrigerators, warehouses, canteen, leisure areas, clinic, guardroom, offices and relative services. It was built using “1001” , and covers approximately an area of 2800m2.


Consorzio Alta Velocità Torino-Milano (CAVTOMI)

The EDILSIDER Group designed and built 3 work camps using prefabricated “SIDERMAJOR”, for a total of  27.000 m2. The structures are complete with kitchen, canteens, dormitories, clubs, clinics, laboratories, changing rooms and lavatories and offices


Creation of Module "501"

With the start of the new Millennium,  EDILSIDER decided to add a new item to its production: “501” whose special features are the possibility to transport the assembly "kit" fully disassembled  (thus saving on transportation cost), the ease and speed of assembly (cranes are not required) and the low cost. These elements led "501" to become the most sought product produced by EDILSIDER.



In building the AUDITORIUM, EDILSIDER supplied the Municipality of Rome with offices project management offices total a space of 600 square metres together with an exhibition room making up another 500 m2



Production of  “1001” soon bore fruit, leading the Edilsider Group to work directly with the United Nations in 1996.
The first supply consisted of  400 “1001”  units for different types of use.

Partnership: SAIPEM

The EDILSIDER Group extended and consolidated its client portfolio entering into the oil industry, more specifically by forming part of the vendor list of SAIPEM with whom it created a profitable and loyal working relationship for the creation of camps the world over. 



Civil Works

The EDILSIDER group starts out with civil works with the presentation of the "SIDEREVOLUTION", a result of the "SIDERMAJOR" project and built using innovative materials to meet the market exigencies. This system facilitate building of residential units, hotels hospitals and homes for the elderly.


Creation of “1001” module

In the early 90's,  EDILSIDER decided to extend its range of products adding  a new module to its catalogue - the “1001” . This Module has modular walls which can be delivered both assembled or as a “Flat Pack” . It was designed to facilitate transportation of prefabricated units in far away countries at lower transport costs.



The EDILSIDER Group worked with  SALINI SpA to supply "2001" monoblocks for construction of a dam in  Sierra Leone.



This project, commissioned by UNHCR in Uganda was for the supply of 280 medical units and housing constructed with the new product  : “2001”.


Creation Module “2001”

1984 was a very important date for EDILSIDER because it completed the new product to meet the increasingly competitive market demands: “2001”’s main features are its strength and the possibility to be built up to four floors.


Ministry of Agriculture, Nasiriya

The Edilsider group won another large project in IRAQ.
The structure included a system of prefabricated “SIDERMAJOR” on one or more floors for hostels, laundries, clinics, villas, kitchens, canteens, labs, offices…. The development involved a total surface area of 5.000 m2.


Foreign Expansion

The Group’s forcing mission has been growing since the early eighties, even into Africa, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia





Creation of "CMC SHED"

The new CMC shed product is made of light wood and is a natural extension of the prefabricated modular range; it is solid and offers good storage space idea from on site constructions requirements for agriculture and aeronautics.  The CMC shed is self supporting and can be sold insulated.


Riyadh University Camp

The EDILSIDER Group built the  Riyadh University Campus. “SIDERMAJOR” prefabricated units were used for the project with specific finishes for use as offices, dormitories and small housing for a total superficial space 54000m2.


Large Projects

SIDERMAJOR was conceived for large International construction projects:
EDILSIDER began to make its way and become known in the industry, managing to sign some important agreements for overseas projects.


"SIDERMAJOR" was created

During this year the EDILSIDER Group created the first metal insulated prefabricated modular structure which guarantees perfect dwelling conditions: the insulated prefabricated  structure “SIDERMAJOR”, having modular panels and self ventilated walls and a system of back mounting using pins and brackets: it was planned to meet the demands of thermal lodging. Panels are insulated with mineral wool.


Introduction of the first ever prefabricated module: "SIDERBOX"

“SIDERBOX” is the first product conceived to serve as metal shacks: easy to assemble made of metal panels, unlimited duration tank to its patented system of assembly and disassembly.


Vast range of elements

 EDILSIDER notably extends its range of accessories for onsite works: becoming a 360 degree supplier for large Italian construction firms.


Export Extendible Beams: EDILPONT

EDILSIDER creates a new type of prefabricated scaffolding which simplifies the most modern structure: EDILPONT. This scaffolding soon became the leading product in constructions sites in Northern Italy.



Soon after the invention of “extensible beams” the first CASSERI steel products were produced.

At the same time EDILSIDER patented a revolutionary system for the creation of cement structures: the CASSERO A RIPRESA: this invention makes it possible to build vertical structures in cement using a number of formworks much lower than that used in the traditional system.


The beginning

1963: this is the year when Ferruccio Spada, places the first bricks and founds the EDILSIDER Group, at the location of Calolziocorte, close to Milano, Bergamo and Como, and a few kilometres away from the border with Switzerland and close to the large commercial Ports in the North of Italy.