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Strong – Re-Locatable – Extreme Conditions

The shelter series “GRAND DESERT” has been designed and manufactured to be used under harsh field conditions, which require reliability, sturdiness and resistance, such as in oil drilling camps, where constant relocation takes a heavy toll on both the structures and the fittings inside. The shelters series “GRAND DESERT” have a monolithic structure, entirely made up of steel, where all sections are welded to one another.


Length:  2,99 – 6,05 – 9,15 – 12,19 m
Width: 2,43 - 2,9 m
Outside height: 2,59 – 2,89 – 3,09  m
Inside height:  2,19 – 2,5 – 2,7 m

Other dimensions can be arranged to meet specific requirements expressed by the Customer.


Materials used in the construction process are listed below :
Hot galvanised coils and tape for forming and/or drawing, structural steel, Stainless steel sheets and Aluminium.


The basement is self-supporting and consists of an edge frame made  rolled steel sections, welded to the four corner blocks, and transverse cross beams placed with a span which may vary according to live load requirements. The result is a durable and highly rigid structure upon which the floor stands.


The shelter floor depends on its intended use.

External Walls

Cladding consists hot galvanised ribbed steel panels.
In shelters used as housing units, insulation is achieved by 60 mm thick mineral wool mattresses wrapped in polyethylene bags.
The inside panelling is constructed chipboard panels with the inner face finished with a white PVC sheet.
In shelters used as toilet facilities, laundry room, as well as in technical modules, the inside panelling consists of self-supporting sandwich type panels.
As to shelters used as food preparation, washing room and kitchen, their inside panelling is also formed by self-supporting sandwich-type panels.


The roof frame is made up square-section tubular members on which galvanised ribbed steel panels are placed and seal welded.

Internal Partition Walls

Internal partition walls of living shelters are composed of two panels of chipboard one-side finished with white PVC sheet.

Doors and Windows

Doors and window frames, made from silver anodised aluminium-based alloy profiles, are fitted into a partition wall.
Standard windows are of the outward protruding type.
Fittings available upon request include:  aluminium bars, Venetian blinds, rolling slat blinds, rolling or fixed fly screens, double glass, safety glass, anti-vandal windows.
External solid doors, made from an insulation board and a sheet metal face
Internal doors are formed by a fir wood door frame, the inside is covered in polystyrene.
A wide variety of additional door and window fittings may be provided upon request.

Electrical Installation

In accordance with currently enforceable IEC regulations.

A waterproof junction box is mounted on the outside of the shelter, while the inside houses a self-extinguishing PVC electric panel which accommodates differential switches and thermal magnetic circuit breakers.
10A/16A shuttered socket outlets, widely used in Italy, are positioned in a manner such as to match the various installed appliances.
According to its intended use, indoor lighting inside each building can be achieved either by means of glass fibre reinforced polyester ceiling fixtures and a methacrylate diffusing screen.

Sanitary Installation

The supply ducts are of butylenes complete with fittings and fixtures for hot and cold water.
External connection to the mains is provided by one threaded connection of appropriate diameter.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

The heating system, if any, consists of wall mount, electric convector heaters with temperature controller.


The outside finish is applied once the prefabricated building is fully assembled, according to the following cycle : Cycle for galvanised steel sheets, Cycle for carbon steel coatings.