EDILSIDER Innovate to support the Environment

One of the most important standards of the EDILSIDER Group is its strong awareness of environment issues which is put in practice by the use of environment friendly materials which are totally reusable and recyclable. This philosophy is the trademark of our design and of the creation of every EDILSIDER product.


Less emission of CO2

For many years the EDILSIDER Group has used state of the art environment friendly materials which are not detrimental to the environment. This choice allows us to considerably reduce consumption of energy and emission of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Products ECO

Protection of the Environment

Production of environment friendly material in terms of current legislation in force, makes it possible both to reduce the use of natural resources as well as the impact on the environment; offering a healthier environment for the persons living inside and also a more cost effective solution.
This way of construction guarantees a healthier home life, a better quality of life and more efficient use of our products. 

100% recyclable Materials

Less waste

In manufacturing the floors of its Modules, EDILSIDER uses materials which are 100% recyclable. These products can be safely used without grave impact on the environment.

Recyclable Material to safeguard the Environment

Non-toxic, Green

EDILSIDER uses water based paints, inner panels made of chipboard and/or gypsum, insulation made of anti fire and non-toxic mineral fibres.

Profiles are is 100% recyclable

ECO-Sustainable flooring

The plastic profiles used are made  of recycled urban plastic waste and is made up as to 85% of polythene and polypropylene, while the remaining  15% ca (the external part). Is made of paper, material and aluminium.
The technical features of our recycled profiles are very resistant and therefore durable. These features render the product very interesting and suitable even for outside use in contact with atmospheric agents since it does not require particular maintenance.

Solar Panels

Clean Energy

EDILSIDER uses photovoltaic plant which covers a surface of approximately 4000 square metres for a capacity of 601,8 kWp.