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Portable and easy moveable – Fast easy to assemble – Enormous flexibility of design

During this 2013 that celebrates 50 years of activity, EDILSIDER has decided to produce a new product: the module 3001. The shelter has an attractive design, is easy to assemble, can be placed anywhere and is, in other words, the answer to all the market's exigencies. The module 3001 is a low cost effective solution for permanent and temporary camp accommodation and general structures, in even the most remote areas. The lightweight, double folded, galvanised core, delivers an incredibly robust structure.

3001 module

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Width: 3,00 m
Length: 9.00 m
Inside height: 3.20 m


The supporting structure will be made of cold rolled steel profiles of variable thickness in accordance to the required dimensions and the working loads. The extreme simplicity of the system and the limited weight of each individual component will allow to erect the structure in a very short time with the only aid of a small mobile crane.

Baseplate and Floor

A prefabricated floor system, easy to assemble and 100% reusable will be provided at ground level.
Flooring is realized as follows, from the bottom to the top:
Step floor will be made in 30 mm thick
Covering in 2,0 mm thick heavy duty PVC sheet, light grey colour

Exterior Wall

The vertical structural frame will be made up of posts, duly spaced from one another at equal distances to reproduce the basic structure, constructed from cold-drawn steel profiles.
The exterior wall will be provided with wind braces to best withstand wind force. The external walls will be made of sandwich panels with an insulation core of PUR.

False Ceiling

The false ceiling will be composed of gypsum boards, where the outer face is pre-coated with a layer of acrylic resin paint in water dispersion.


The structure of the roof will be similar to the prefabricated floor system, composed by the same elements.
Roof covering will be in corrugated galvanized steel sheets 6/10 mm thick, with a minimum double slope to ensure storm water outflow.

Interior Partitions

The inner partitions will be made of sandwich type panels, having a total thickness of 50 mm.
The said panels are secured into the partition guides without any cuts or holes on the structure, therefore with the possibility of positioning as required.

Windows and Doors

Moving and fixed frames of exterior doors are fabricated with anodised aluminium silver colour.
The exterior doors are fully blind with insulation in sandwich type panels.
The interior doors are fully blind with frame in aluminium and complete with a lockset “Yale” type.
Windows "wasistass" type will be provided in toilet areas and will be complete of insect screen.

Electrical Sustem

In accordance with currently enforceable IEC regulations.

Each prefabricated building is fitted with a main electric panel which accommodates master switches. The wiring system is laid above the suspended ceiling, all drop lines are embedded into air spaces situated between the cladding and the internal partition wall. According to its intended use, indoor lighting inside each building can be achieved either by means of glass fibre reinforced polyester ceiling fixtures and a methacrylate diffusing screen, or by means of ceiling fixtures made up of an aluminium housing and a tempered glass screen.

Hydro-Sanitary System

The supply ducts are of butylenes complete with fittings and fixtures for hot and cold water. Maximum water supply pressure is 3 atm. External connection to the mains is provided by a threaded connection of appropriate diameter.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Several heating and air conditioning systems can be engineered to cope with a wide range of climate requirements and customer needs.
Air conditioning units come in cool-only versions or reversible heat pump configurations.